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Country to Canberra: empowering rural girls

By Hannah Wandel

Issue 97, Term 2 2016

Five months ago, seven young women were sitting around a boardroom table inside Parliament House. They were laughing, chatting about life in rural Australia, and discussing the prestigious essay competition they had recently won. As these teenagers excitedly engulfed the room in conversation, it was

Engaging girls in STEM

By Pru Mitchell

Issue 95, Term 4 2015

It seems recently that everywhere we turn we read about girls and science, girls and technology, and girls' career choices. It is a popular theme in the media, which extends also to social media. A search of Twitter on the hashtag #stem reveals a high proportion of photos and links that relate to gi

To inspire or to instruct

By Ta'afuli Andrew Fiu

Issue 91, Term 4 2014

During May and June this year, I travelled Australia as part of the Positive Schools Initiative to speak and network with teachers and educators. Doing so provided an insightful introduction to what teachers are thinking and drew thousands to Fremantle, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. The conventio

Working with pupil library assistants in primary schools

By Lucy Chambers

Issue 107, Term 4 2018

Lucy Chambers shares ideas for running successful pupil library assistant programs that empower students, build their confidence and create lifelong readers. Background I am a member of a team of professional primary school librarians in the Schools Library Service (SLS) in the London Borough of Tow