Have You Read This?

By Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)

The active media center by Fred D'lgnazio in The Computing Teacher, March 1994, p. 37-40, wrote about multi-media in schools, focussing on the role of the school library.

"School libraries and media centers are changing from warehouses to launch pads. And the count down has already started." (p. 37) "Educators who are interested in using technology to promote serious school change should focus first on the library media center". (p. 38)

Great publicity, especially since it's corning from outside our profes-sional group.

Carol Truett presented two articles about the impact of new techno-logies in school libraries in the USA. CD-ROM and videodisc technology in North Carolina school library media centers, in The Computing Teacher, February 1994, p.41-42, outlined the adoption of the technologies finding that 85% had CD-ROM and 56% videodisc. In the companion article CD-ROM, videodiscs and new ways of teaching information and research skills, The Computing Teacher, March 1994, p. 42-43, she presented an overview of the impact of the new technologies. She reported that they are becoming widespread and generally accepted, and have resulted in changes to the teaching of research skills.

Interested in CD-ROM networking?

Sharing a CD-ROM by James Karney, Australian Personal Computer, May 1994, p195-200, presents an evalution of six systems.

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