Website and app reviews

By Nigel Paull

2018 SAE ATOM Awards
The annual Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) Awards showcase the finest film and media content from Australia and New Zealand, created by both industry professionals and the education sector. Of the 34 categories, many pertain to primary and secondary students and their teachers.
SCIS no. 1535908

An impressive array of 360-degree video and image panoramas of cities and landscapes are available from this searchable, interactive website. The content, which is also available as an app, can be used as a supplementary teaching resource or simply for browsing.
SCIS no. 1403729

Class Timetable
Applicable to secondary students, this colourful and easy-to-use weekly or multi-week timetable allows users to schedule classes and room locations, and keep tabs on due homework. This app is also available for Android users from Google Play.
SCIS no. 1886880

Cosmic Watch
This award-winning website and app are an ‘astronomical instrument which visualizes the cycles of Earth and the solar system, helping to understand how we measure and experience time since thousands of years’. Teachers can explore the comprehensive content that includes tutorials, education resources, and links. The app is available to purchase for both iOS and Android.
SCIS no. 1825470

Ever wanted to insert your own questions or voice into a video? This app allows teachers to crop videos and add questions and multiple-choice answers. Thus, they can determine the effectiveness of the resource for individual students.
SCIS no. 1772324

Global Climate Change
Created by NASA, this authoritative website contains an array of information on climate change and delves into its causes, evidence, effects and solutions. Content includes images, videos, news, resources, and links to other NASA apps and websites.
SCIS no. 1487361

Human Library
Human libraries, or living libraries as they are also known, have gained popularity in recent times. Teacher librarians could use the ideas presented by this organisation to explore the concept with a view to cataloguing members of their school community and local area.
SCIS no. 1886905

2019 – International Year of Indigenous Languages
There are now approximately 7,000 languages spoken around the world, with almost one-third in danger of disappearing. To preserve the cultural and historical significance of these languages, UNESCO has declared 2019 the International Year of Indigenous Languages. School library staff will find a variety of material on this website to resource the topic for the 2019 school year.
SCIS no. 1886905

Lorax Project
Primary-aged students will be enchanted by this Dr Seuss offering featuring the Lorax. Students can undertake games and activities, and gather information — all of which encourage them to protect forests and endangered animals.
SCIS no. 1886933

Pencil Code
Pencil Code was developed to advance ‘computer science education by making programming as simple and as universal as using a pencil’. Students can program in blocks or text to create music, games, stories, and art. Teachers are catered for with specific materials and a manual.
SCIS no. 1823979

School Libraries — Videos
Emanating from the National Library of New Zealand, this collection of short videos focuses on school libraries, digital literacy, and reading engagement. The videos are of a professional nature and can be filtered by learning type.
SCIS no. 1886942

Schools — Sydney Opera House
Specifics of events and programs for primary and secondary students visiting the Sydney Opera House are available on this website. The site also features details of the exciting live interactive opportunities that students can access from their own classrooms, including performances, workshops, and tours.
SCIS no. 1886925

Nigel Paull

Nigel Paull

Teacher librarian

North Coast, NSW