Website and app reviews

By Nigel Paull

Websites and apps reviewed for school library staff

Student Wellbeing Hub: COVID-19 Wellbeing Resources

Developed by Education Services Australia this site provides a variety of resources for K–12 students, teachers and parents to support social and emotional wellbeing in learning communities during the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond.

SCIS no: 1964946

Smartcopying: COVID-19 copyright issues

This official guide to copyright has been published by the National Copyright Unit, which is responsible for copyright policy and administration in Australian schools and TAFE. Explicit issues for schools and TAFE in relation to online learning during the COVID-19 outbreak are addressed. The COVID-19 Copyright Issues information sheet is located under Educational resources.

SCIS no: 1355530

Coping During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Developed by ReachOut and partly funded by the Australian Government Department of Health, this segment of the overall website offers strategies to help secondary students cope with aspects of COVID-19. Specific resources are available for students, teachers, parents and carers.

SCIS no: 1970352

Epidemics: where can I find information about epidemics?

Another topic in the popular AnyQuestions series from the National Library of New Zealand, this unit provides students with resources on how to find information on epidemics through the ages. Content includes infections, immune systems, plagues, biology, disease, SARS and COVID-19.

SCIS no: 1965592


This shortform factual video platform has been created by the BBC and features an array of videos, animations and transcripts. The playlist is organised by subject and is suitable for a wide range of student age groups, either for inclusion in teaching units or for home extension activities.

SCIS no: 1970409

NASA at Home: for kids and families

NASA has developed a wide range of material for students and their families to investigate at home. Topics are grouped together and include: space technology; astronomy: earth science; human space flight; and STEM activities.

SCIS no: 1970565

50 Word Project

The University of Melbourne has undertaken a project to provide fifty words in every Indigenous language in Australia. All the commonly used words, audio and video are provided by language speakers and are used by permission. Classroom resources are available to download.

SCIS no: 1970297

Prime Ministers of Australia

Bibliographies of the thirty Australian prime ministers since Federation have been published by the National Museum of Australia. Students can also link to the Collection explorer records to investigate prime ministerial objects in the museum’s collection.

SCIS no: 1375576

Prodigy: kid’s math game

This free app reportedly has over 50 million users worldwide. It provides K–8 students with an engaging educational maths game tailored to their own specific needs. Parents and teachers can monitor the concepts students are undertaking and follow their progress.

SCIS no: 1750766

Elevate – Brain Training

A past winner of Apple’s App of the Year, this brain training app has been created to enhance skills in writing, speaking, everyday maths, and reading. Students are provided with a personalised program based on an introductory analysis. The scientific research underpinning the app’s development is available. Also offered for Android.

SCIS no: 1967922

Wootube: find joy in learning mathematics

Sydney maths teacher Eddie Woo has developed a series of absorbing YouTube videos for students, which assist them to understand key maths concepts aligned to the NSW mathematics curriculum. Teachers are catered for with the Wootube videos and worksheets. Links to curriculums in other Australian states and the US are also available from the site.

SCIS no: 1965589

Art. Play. Children. Learning.

Prominent Australian children’s art education expert, Dr Louisa Penfold, has created this blog to help parents and teachers involve students in meaningful and engaging art. Dr Penfold has posted activities, projects, interviews, and videos and associated links on the site.

SCIS no: 1970315

The internet sites selected in Website and app reviews are often of a professional nature and should be initially viewed by teachers and library staff to determine suitability for students. The links, content and addresses of these sites are subject to change.

Nigel Paull

Nigel Paull

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