New and revised subject headings

By Cataloguing team, SCIS

An overview of the new and revised subject headings approved by the SCIS Information Services Standards Committee in 2020.

New headings

Animal rescue

Use for the rescue of wildlife and pet animals from harmful situations. These animals are then provided with medical aid or care until they can be returned to the wild or a suitable permanent home can be found for them.

Black lives matter movement

Use for works on the movement formed to campaign against systemic racism and violence against Black people in the US as well as other countries.


Use for works about events that are focused on one person, or a small group of people, for example Wedding anniversaries.

Cooking, Gluten-free


Use for works about intentional acts that are carried out by a group or an individual, involving the use of information and communication technologies such as e-mail, mobile phone, instant messaging, social network sites, online forums, defamatory personal web sites, that are intended to harm others.

Emotional intelligence

Use for works about the awareness and management of individuals’ emotions as well as the emotions of other people, and the use of this awareness to guide thinking and behaviour.


Use for works on or using the methods of teaching beginning learners to read and learning the phonetic values of letters, groups of letters, syllables.

New restricted subdivision


Use the subdivision Competitions for works about activities or events in which people compete for supremacy; use the heading for the subject with the subdivision Competitions, e.g. Chess – Competitions, Tennis – Competitions, Dancing – Competitions.

Revised subject headings

• Aboriginal peoples
• African Americans – Civil rights
• Animals
• Animals – Care and health
• Birthdays
• Bullying
• Demonstrations
• Emotions
• Empathy
• Family
Use for works about the family as a social unit within society, e.g. in relation to another family unit within the same or a different society.
• Family relations
Use for works about the interpersonal relationships of members within a family and for works about the day-today activities of a family or families.
• Father’s Day
• Festivals
• Holidays
• Intellect
• Internet – Safety measures
• Mother’s Day
• Multiple intelligences
• Parties
• Peer pressure
• Phonetics
Use for works on or using the science and teaching of speech sounds and their production.
• Racism
• Resilience (Psychology)
• Reconciliation
• Reconciliation of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australia
• Soccer
• Social action
• Social life and customs
• Supernatural
• Torres Strait Islanders
• Unexplained phenomena

Deleted subject headings

• Family life
• Shakespeare, William – Contemporary England

Other updates

• The qualifier for South Australia changed from S. Aust to S.A., e.g. Pinnaroo (S.A.) Murray River (N.S.W.-S.A.)
• Added the qualifier Malaysia to the states of Malaysia, e.g. Sabah (Malaysia).

The full reference structure for SCIS subject headings can be found in

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