Have You Read This?

By Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)

With many T /L' s wanting more information on the Internet, Peter McGrath shares his concern of data overload and the difficulties of access in Tangled in the net. The Bulletin v.116 n.5954. Jan 10 1995. p:52.

Australian Personal Computer. Feb.1995 features seven articles on various aspects of the 'Net. Choosing the right service provider for your school can be quite difficult, Internet access: the front door. p:88 reviews 20 which might well provide some direction.

Incite has a regular two page feature in each edition headed Traversing the trelliswork of the Internet. This contains brief updates on the latest: March '95 looks at Netiquette for all, AARNet developments, Running a WWW service, Standards on the Web and ....

Not be confused with Insite published by the Queensland Society for Information Technology in Education ... Tony Banks (Mt.Isa SHS) has written the first of six articles on various aspects of the Internet. For those still hazy on the terminology, ownership, global networks, use to teachers, etc you will find this article most informative.

Rosie Cross and Suzanne Fraser believe the Internet is dominated by males 'bent on confrontation, derision and domination'. Where are the female computer buffs? 15 Minutes of flame. 21C v.1.95. p:60.

Computer networks and their importance as a librarian's information resource are explored in The Internet: what's in it for me. The Computing Teacher. v.22.n.3 Nov.1994. p:66.

And off the Net.... If you are looking for a scanner to enhance the computer technology of your library, Alfred Poor reviews 13 different models in Desktop scanners: colour for all. Australian Personal Computer. Mar.1995 p:163.

If you are interested in following the integration of information technology into the English school system, Mary Mabey writes of CD-ROMs and their values in: CD-ROMS in the school library. Conference and common room. V.32

Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)