Product review

By Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)

SCISLINK Communications Software

As part of the VOYAGER implementation, Curriculum Corporation has also developed a communications software that will enable easier access to the SCIS database via Voyager.

Curriculum Corporation has listened to its Users who have been requesting that the access to SCIS had to be as easy as possible. Users have responded to requests in our surveys, informing the Information Program that their biggest concerns with ONLINE access has been the STD phone costs and having to set up the software and modem to access the service. SCISLINK overcomes the latter concerns whilst Sprintnet solves the STD problem by providing access to the service for the cost of a local phone call from anywhere in Australia.

SCISLINK has the following features:

  • At Setup, Automatically senses the port the modem is attached to and the highest speed the Modem can operate. 
  • At Setup, Automatically senses the phone number for Voyager and KEYLINK that Users will need to dial and adds them to the program.
  • Has Voyager access script built into to the program i.e. just select Voyager and Dial.
  • Has KEYLINK, E-Mail service script built into the program.
  • Ability to create E-Mail messages offline, then connect to KEYLINK and send/ receive mail.
  • In built monitoring of sessions i.e. 'How long you were accessing the Database.'
  • Available in DOS, Windows and later, MACINTOSH versions.
  • Included as part of the ONLINE Subscription to access SCIS.

Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)