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By Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)

1995 Microfiche Schedule

  • APRIL Updates: 28/4/95
  • Subject X-Ref: 5/5/95
  • MAY Updates: 2/6/95
  • JUNE Updates: 30/6/95
  • JULY Updates: 4/8/95
  • Subject X-Ref: 11/8/95
  • AUG Updates: 28/8/95
  • SEPT Updates: 22/9/95
  • OCT Updates: 27/10/95
  • Subject X-Ref: 10/11/95
  • NOV Updates: 27 /11/95

These are the dates that the Microfiche Updates are to be in schools. Curriculum Corporation makes every effort to adhere to these dates, however postage times can vary from State to State.

Please NOTE: Due to the differing Term Dates the following variations apply:

  • April Updates for SA and WA schools will be posted on 1/5/95.
  • June Updates for SA and WA schools will be posted on 30/6/95.
  • Sep Updates for QLD schools will be posted on 29/9/95.

ASCISRECON Processing dates for 1995

  • APRIL: 7 and 21
  • MAY: 5 and 19
  • JUNE: 2 and 16
  • JULY: 7and 21
  • AUG: 4 and 18
  • SEPT: 1 and 15
  • OCT: 6 and 20
  • NOV: 3 and 17
  • DEC: 8 (one processing only)

These are the FRIDAYS that the Orders MUST be received at Femtree Computer Corporation. Processing begins on the following Monday.


  1. Express Post your Order file to Ferntree Computer Corporation at
    BOX 42,
    VIC 3169.
  2. No Transmittal Form means NO Processing.
  3. Transmittal Form NOT Signed, ASCISRECON Order NOT Processed.
  4. Ferntree Computer Corporation will only accept ONE File per Order Disk. If Ferntree Computer Corporation receive a Disk with more than ONE file on it, the Order will not be processed.
  5. Requests for Information on whether the Order Disk has been Processed, should be directed to Ferntree Computer Corporation on 03 5415600 and ask for ASCISRECON Support.
  6. If you have experienced problems loading SCIS data into your Library software program, please contact your Library software supplier.

Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)