Website and app reviews

By Nigel Paull

Nigel Paull reviews the lastest educational websites and apps you can use in your library. The websites and apps selected for review are often of a professional nature and should be initially viewed by teachers and library staff to determine suitability for students. The links, content and address of these sites are subject to change.

Canva for education

Canva offers K–12 students and teachers free access to their templates for worksheets, lesson plans, reports and presentations. Also available are fonts, images and details on how to create and share assignments.

SCIS no: 5394929

Hot topics

Year 12 students studying law will locate relevant material relating to recent changes and contemporary debates in the law. Issues include: human rights, the Australian legal system, elections, and domestic violence.

SCIS no: 5395027

Something Eerie

Royal Life Saving Australia has an intriguing app for primary students to enhance their water safety proficiency. Students embark on an adventurous journey and have to use their water safety skills and decision-making abilities to solve the mystery of creatures inhabiting the town’s waterways.

SCIS no: 5395419

Everyday maths

Parents of K–10 students will uncover a variety of pertinent everyday mathematical concepts to explore at home with their children. Links are available for additional information for parents and carers.

SCIS no: 5394981

New Zealand History

Major aspects of New Zealand’s history form the nucleus of this comprehensive and authoritative website. Students and teachers can search databases of topics, events, people and places. There are links to activities to promote class discussion and skills development, plus links to additional resources.

SCIS no: 5395044

Sydney water: education

Most aspects of water in the community are investigated on this website. Issues include: human rights, the Australian legal system, elections, and domestic violence.

SCIS no: 1442759

Free teacher resources

Developed by Life Ed, these preventative health education resources are searchable by year level, topic and curriculum. Some units relate to visits by Life Ed and others have ‘on demand’ online video availability.

SCIS no: 5395438

AMSI schools

Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI) Schools has jointly developed classroom resources and professional development opportunities for K–12 teachers. Supplementary material promotes the importance of mathematics in career choices, especially for young women. 

SCIS no: 5395049

Thinking mathematically

Produced by the NSW Department of Education, this K–6 resource states that ‘learning in mathematics requires intentional, targeted teaching which takes place in different contexts, using various pedagogies.’ The resources are categorised into the Targeted teaching section or the Contexts for practise section.

SCIS no: 5395216

Healthy eating games and activities

Teachers can use the resources presented to engage students and help them to identify and undertake healthy eating habits. Activities include excursions, growing vegetables, experiments and learning about food in different cultures.

SCIS no: 5395005

Shoulder to shoulder: feminism in Australia

These resources, emanating from the National Library of Australia, are aligned to the senior secondary history component of the Australian Curriculum. Specifically, they refer to the examination of ‘Women’s Movements’ in Unit 2: Movements for Change in the 20th Century.

SCIS no: 5395076

Nigel Paull

Teacher Librarian

North Coast, NSW