Internetting Corner

By Heather Kelsall

Knowing where to go for particular information saves hours of surfing, so lets share worthwhile WWW sites and e-mail addresses ...
Australian Embassy in Washington provides information on Australian economic and trade matters, history, government and culture.
Data on current by-elections from the Australian Electoral Commission.
World Health Organisation
Global recycling network

The Vatican Museum art collection.
Antarctica - environmental concerns and educational resources.
CSIRO information service
1995 Budget
Australian government containing Notice Papers for both Houses, Daily Programs, Order of Business, profiles of members, Hansard ... etc.
The Field Museum, Chicago: on-line dinosaurs

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Recommended reading on the Net:

PHELPS Katherine. Surf's up: Internet Australian style.
Port Melbourne: Mandarin/Reed, 1995. isbn:1863304401
Available through Reed Library. fax: 07 8440900

EBBS Geoff & HOREY Jeremy. The Australian internet book: your information highway toolkit. Warriewood, NSW: Woodlands Press, 1995. isbn:1875889000

Both books are useful reference guides for staff and students, containing simple directions for accessing the Net and listing many sites covering a wide range of topics. Happy surfing ....

Heather Kelsall