News from Curriculum Corporation

By Lance Deveson

New Phone and Fax Numbers.

Schools will be aware that phone numbers are gradually changing in each state over the next two years. Melbourne has just changed over with the addition of the number 9 added to the existing phone and fax numbers. Schools will be able to ring the existing number until October 30 this year, but after that date the old numbers will not work.

The new numbers to contact Curriculum Corporation are as follows:

PHONE: 03 96390699

FAX: 03 96391616

HELPLINE: 1800 337405

The change of phone numbers will also affect schools dialling into the existing Dobis system and the new Voyager system, however Online Users will be notified separately when they will be required to change the phone number in the SCISLINK software. Users should contact Information Program staff if they are experiencing difficulty in accessing the Online service, Victorian schools would be the first schools affected by the change.

HELPLINE Support. Phone: 03 96930699 or 1800 337405

The policy of the Helpline support for the Information Program of Curriculum Corporation is that we will endeavour to attend to your requests as soon as possible. When schools phone the Helpline it will assist Reception at Curriculum Corporation if you briefly explain your request so that these requests can be directed to the most appropriate person within the Information Program. If the staff member who is responsible for that area of support is not available, then Reception will offer to take a message for the person so they can return your call or transfer you to another staff member within the program.

Subscription Enquiries:
ask for SCIS Administration Assistants.

ask for SCIS Client Service Officers

Online Support:
ask for SCIS Client Service Officers

SCIS on Disc CD-ROM:
ask for SCIS Catalogue Coordinator

Cataloguing Enquires:
ask for SCIS Catalogue Coordinator

Policy Issues:
ask for Assistant Manager: Information Program.

It will assist Information Program staff if schools are able to quote the SCIS User Number when requesting Helpline support. This is particularly important when requesting subscription information.

Changes of Address.

Many of the Helpline subscription requests relate to schools believing that they have not received a subscription renewal for the following school year. Subscription renewal forms are forwarded to ALL schools in October-November each year.

Curriculum Corporation would appreciate it if schools, amalgamating or having a change of address, remember to notify the Information Program of the change so that regular subscription products such as microfiche are sent to the correct address. SCIS products are supplied in good faith as per the supplied subscription address.

Request to Return/Change SCIS Products and Services.

The Information Program is beginning to receive regular requests from schools to return/change SCIS products and services. Schools are encouraged to read carefully the product description attached to the subscription renewal forms each year. If schools are still not sure of a product, please contact the Information Program, before ordering.

Products such as ASCISRECON, SCIS on Disc, Full and Abbreviated microfiche are supplied as per a subscription payment or direct order. Curriculum Corporation will consider returning SCIS Products and Services on a "case by case" basis. Schools wanting to return products, and seeking a refund, will need to contact the Information Program and request a Return Advice Number from the SCIS Administration Assistants.

Schools need to be aware that Curriculum Corporation has contracted and pre paid external suppliers to produce the products for each user for a 12 month period. Consequently a refund of a product may not be always possible.

Lance Deveson

Lance Deveson

Senior Information Officer