Have You Read This

By Heather Kelsall

Not only do T /Ls have successful conferences in Perth and Masterton: the Library Technicians conference in Darwin Techs at the top is still getting rave reviews! Kaye Bartlett, Convenor provides the formal report and Katherine Raper gives the delegates' perspective in Incite. Vol.16. Issue 9. p:18. It makes us appreciate the professional level of our support staff.

Integrating the Internet into a LOTE curriculum means language learners in Australia circumvent their geographic isolation. Andrew Lian explains how the electronic superhighway shrinks distances in Virtually speaking: technology-enhanced language learning in Australia. Education Australia. Issue 31, 1995. p:23.

For T /Ls interested in the dynamics of student research strategies, Penny Moore (Victoria University of Wellington) reports on a study of 23 Form One students which looked at the relationship between library use and learning in terms of students' thinking and problem-solving during independent research. The dynamics of information problem solving. SET No.2, 1995. Item 3.

Schools deliberating on Internet access may find the article by Chris Bigum, Deakin Centre for Education and Change, of interest. He argues that schools may be looking too much at students access to the Internet and not enough at teacher support in Wired for words: the Internet and schools. ACE News. Vol.14. No.3 p:8.

Heather Kelsall