Letters to the Editor

By Heather Kelsall

Veronica Forsyth, Sacred Heart Primary School, questions teacher education on the Internet at The Southport School.

Dear Heather

I've been wanting to ask you a follow up question to your editorial regarding 'educating your staff'. I would be extremely interested in knowing the type of results you had with the laptop... and teachers using it overnight for Internet experience.

We at Sacred Heart Primary School are new to the Internet. There is only one very immobile connection in the resource centre which has not been overworked as yet. It is early days I know, but we have been connected to the net since March. Teacher education/awareness seems to be the necessary first step.

Veronica Forsyth
Sacred Heart Primary School

Dear Veronica

We have to recognise that academic time is crowded and by providing Internet access outside this parameter means a more relaxed surf for the teacher. It has proved most successful at T.S.S. in fact, due to demand, we have now introduced a second laptop with the software and PCMCIA card installed. We have encouraged one staff member from each faculty to locate and share sites with colleagues relevant to current subject material which also helps spread the electronic word. While laptops are expensive, their portability is ideal both around the school and for home access combined with a long Telecom cable connection the laptop can become mobile and used within classrooms during academic time.

It may require you to lead the staff: hone in on a teacher/grade interested in a theme or project, provide them with a selection of relevant www sites or perhaps link them via email with a class across the world looking at the same topic! Once the students are exposed, the teachers will be compelled to follow. Good luck.

Heather Kelsall

Heather Kelsall