Have You Read This?

By Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)

Best PC Buys

T/Ls are often reliant on the computer dealer to provide us with the right hardware to meet our needs. The March edition of Australian PC User has published a list of the best PC buys with specifications, prices and a useful comparison chart titled 'PCs for all the family' vol 8, no 7, p.30. 

Impact of the Internet

Nadia Wheatley broached the subject of writers and the impact of the Internet at ASLA XIV, provoking mixed reactions from T/Ls. This issue is further compounded by Harlan Ellison and other authors in Writers and the Internet, where the Internet is described as the 'most potentially dangerous weapon against writers in existence'. Internet Australasia, vol 2, no 2, p.30.

Australian Library Week

Australian Library Week (5 - 11 May) needs a promotional boost to T/Ls and Incite March 1996 contains an insert to inspire all. Posters are available for purchase from ALIA and planned celebrations around the country are highlighted with contact phone numbers for further details. Jo-anne Fuller provides some ideas to turn ALW into a journalistic item in 'Australian Library Week is just not news'. Incite, February 1996, p.18.

Global Perspective

To keep our view on libraries in a global perspective and give T/Ls heart on gloomy days, Stuart Andrews retired headmaster from Clifton UK reviews services offered by six HMC school libraries in 'What every Head should know about Libraries'. He cites three findings of a recent survey: two-thirds of the 134 schools have professional librarians in charge, 80% have CD-ROM facilities and over 25% have a budget in excess of $16,000. Who's going to tell the UK about Australian school libraries? Conference and Common Room, vol33, no 1, p.18.

Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)