Internetting Corner

By Heather Kelsall


The Anglican Church Grammar School, Brisbane, have instigated a WWW Mentor Group to encourage other staff members to utilise this information source. Their role is to investigate WWW sites and share them with their faculty specific to particular work units, and to assist the faculty head in developing curriculum material that involves the Internet. The Mentors are 'rewarded' with their own e-mail address and assistance in developing their subject WWW page. For further details contact: [email protected]

These sites are recommended by T /Ls-add them to your list for student and staff access.
A list containing information/ projects useful for landcare education: primary and secondary
Free access to The Age online news service with daily news updates
Cardiff's movie database: supports film and television studies
Information from the Australian Institute of Sport
A new Web site for Australian teachers assisting with projects, mailing lists and resources.
Gallery of interactive geometry
Documentation on how to build a simple electric motor.
K-12 resources for Music teachers.
This site points to many resources about the Internet in education.

To support Political Studies students and those T/Ls who feel the need to continue a focus on government issues:
Information on Australian elections and government
Australian republican movement information and news
The Australian Labor Party
Education Office at Parliament House
Liberal Party of Australia
National Party
Australian Democrats
Australian Women's Party
The Parliamentary Library
An online polling service publishing results from referenda they conduct
Results of the March 2 election with final figures for each seat from the Australian Electoral Commission Picked up on the OZTL_NET, a recently established LISTSERV for English teachers titled: ENGLED-L. To subscribe send a message to: [email protected] and in the body type SUBSCRIBE EGLED-L (first name) (surname).

Don't type anything in the subject line or in the message text.

Heather Kelsall