How do I add a message to the Bulletin Board?

By Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)

ALL DIAL-UP users now have access to the Bulletin Board and Mail facilities on the SCIS Database.

They differ in their use in that Bulletin Board gives a User the opportunity to leave a message on the System for ALL users to read i.e. Something to sell or In need of some information.

Mail allows a user to send a Message just to another individual user on the system. The message is not for public broadcast.

Curriculum Corporation can also leave messages for ALL users on both Bulletin Boru:d and Mail.

Using Bulletin Board:

From the Main Menu select Option 4. (This gives access to the summary of existing Bulletin Board Messages.)

Select "a" and enter to add a message (this gives a clear screen)

Type in your Message. (Remember to use the TAB key to move to next line not the Enter Key)

At the bottom of the screen you have two options ? Quit ? Send

TAB down and across to? Send and replace the ? with any key [Enter]

This places your message onto the Bulletin Board.

To remove the message:

Access the Bulletin Board from the Main Menu.

Select your own Message

The screen now has the extra Option of"? Delete".

TAB down and access to ? Delete, replace the? with any key and enter.

The message is now removed.

Using Mail:

From the Main Menu Select Option 5 for MAIL.

From the Summary Screen select "a" to add a Message.

Again remember to use TAB to move to the next line.

When the message is complete TAB down and across to ? Send 

Replace the ? with any Key [Enter]

This gives a clear Screen and the prompt "Enter Search Term" 

Type in the Users Signon here that you wish to send the Mail [Enter]

A screen appears with 14 user signons displayed. The number keyed in should be in the second position.

Select the number [Enter]

The message is now sent to the User.

The screen again clears and the prompt Enter Search term is displayed

To finish the session type /e/e/e

This takes you back to the Main Menu

To remove the Mail:

Use the same procedure as with Bulletin Board as above.


Curriculum Corporation is preparing a List of User Signons and Names to be forwarded to each existing Dial-Up User so they can then send Mail to other users.

Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)