Have You Read This?

By Heather Kelsall

Conference & Common Room recently published the experiences of three artists-in-residence organised by Wellington College. Lavinia Greenlaw spent the Christmas term as poet-in-residence and discusses her role in stimulating student interest in her favourite topic and the personal experience she gained from the visit. For T/Ls contemplating such a venture: take heart, both students and artist can gain great joy and understanding.

'Artists in resident'. Conference & Common Room. Vol. 34. No. 2. P: 25.

The abridged version of the paper delivered by Roxanne Missingham at Online and On Disk '97 provides a reminder to T/Ls that change is ever present. The twenty-first century is shaping up to be the setting for a totally new and different style of library and we are yet to have a clear perspective of what new information services will be expected. What is required however, is the development of new competencies and communication strategies to tackle the emerging roles.

'Will you still need me when I'm 64?' Incite Vol. 18. May 1997. P: 10.

Many T/Ls are concerned that students can easily access anti-social material on the Internet. Dr. David Maddison is also conscious of this but he is more concerned about taking away people's access to information sources to protect the few not supervised by parents. He questions the right that Government has to increase controls and restrictions via censorship and encourages reader not to take freedom of the Internet for granted and become active in their 'online rights'.

Censorship: paedophiles, pornography and pyrotechniques'. Internet Australasia. Vol 3. Iss 4. May 1997. P: 25.

The April edition of Principal Matter (Vol 8. No 4.) looks at vocational education in secondary schools with several case studies of schools which have integrated it into their curriculum. While some may view it a a cunning guise to hide youth unemployment, or a powerful mechanism for forging school-to-industry relationships, it is a real option for some students. Bruce Wilson from Curriculum Corporation provides an overview for consideration and T/Ls will find this perspective of interest if they are to resource such topics within the curriculum.

'Where to for vocational training in Australia?' Principal Matters. Vol 8. No 4. P: 3.

Heather Kelsall