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By Lance Deveson

1998 SCIS Subscriptions

This issue of Connections brings you advanced notice of two exciting new SCIS products for 1998: a SCIS downloading CD-ROM that will allow you to download SCIS cataloguing records (ie, you will not need to order them from Curriculum Corporation); and, at last, access to the SCIS database over the Internet, via a World Wide Web (WWW) browser which will allow you to download SCIS cataloguing records online.

We believe that these two products provide the highest level of service that school libraries could want, and will be the basis for SCIS into the next millennium.

As part of a strategic review process that we have undertaken in conjunction with the introduction of these two new products, we are also streamlining the SCIS invoicing and billing process. In essence, we are moving away from the complex (for us and for you) process of charging per record ordered and are proposing an annual subscription fee, graduated by school size, which will give you unlimited access to SCIS cataloguing records. Details are provided below. Please note that while the initial cost may appear high, in comparison with current costs (including the per record charge), the total cost for a year is comparable with current costs.

You may notice that the SCIS Abbreviated Cataloguing Microfiche will not be available in 1997 and the current search only SCIS On DISC (CD-ROM) will be replaced by the new SCIS downloading CD-ROM in 1998. Curriculum Corporation also wishes to inform its customers that the ASCISRECON program and subsequent processing of ASCISRECON and Rapid Retrospective records will cease after the last processing date on 4 December 1997. These two products will be replaced by the new and more efficient SCIS downloading CD-ROM and/or SCISWeb access (via the Internet).

We are providing you with this information to assist you with your financial and equipment planning. However, please note that these are proposed fees and some details may change over the next several months. Updates of this information will be available on Curriculum Corporation's web site: h ttp:// and through bulk mailouts from Curriculum Corporation. Final details of 1998 SCIS subscriptions/products and prices will be in the SCIS subscription form due to be forwarded to you in · October.

Further technical details for the new products will be available by October, but in short, please note the following:

  • To use the SCIS downloading CD-ROM, you will need access to a CD-ROM drive. The CD-ROM drive does not necessarily have to be connected to your library computer. You may download SCIS records from the CD-ROM to a floppy disk, and it there-fore could be on any computer in your school.
  • For web access to the SCIS database and SCIS cataloguing records, you will need a connection to the Internet via an Internet Service Provider (ISP). There will be no online charges by Curriculum Corporation, but you may need to pay connection fees to the ISP.

We are pleased to answer any queries that you may have however, we would prefer the query either faxed or emailed to our SCIS Customer Service staff on:

Fax: (03)9639-1616
Email: [email protected]

We look forward to bringing you this improved service in 1998. 

Screenshot of SCIS products available in 1998

DDC21 Update

As reported in earlier editions of Connections, SCIS has been reviewing its standards in relation to the new edition of DDC21. We are pleased to report that this review has now been completed and as of the 26 May 1997 all new records added to the SCIS database are classified with DDC21 numbers.

Lance Deveson

Lance Deveson

Assistant Manager: Information