CC News Continued

By Graham Williams

Automating your Library

As we indicated in the last ussue of Connections we will not be providing catalogue cards in 1999. We urge Teacher Librarians to commence the process to automate their library's catalogue. Curriculum Corporation does not recommend any particular system for schools to purchase. However, we do advise Teacher Librarians to seek advice from neighbouring schools about the many systems available. As there are over 30 different companies selling automation software packages, it is most likely you will find a system to suit your school's needs and budget.e

Duplicate ISBNs

SCIS occasionally receives calls from Teacher Librarians advising us that we have assigned the wrong ISBN to a record, e.g. The TL has ordered by ISBN and retrieved a record which does not correlate to the book they have in hand. T/Ls may be surprised to learn that some publishers assign the same ISBN to more than one book. Identical ISBNs may appear on different editions of the one title; a set of books in a series, or they could just be assigned to books with no relationship to each other whatsoever. If you order by ISBN and discover the record doesn't match the item in hand, you will have discovered a duplicate ISBN. To retrieve the catalogue record for your item, search by title or keyword to obtain the SCIS order number and use this to order your record .

1999 SCIS Subscriptions

We are fast approaching that time of year when Teacher Librarians will need to begin planning for 1999. The next edition of Connections, Issue 27, will contain all the information you need about 1999 subscriptions to SCIS products and services. This issue will arrive in schools in September.

Graham Williams

Manager - Information Technology