By Nigel Paull

Collection Management Issues

Providing more with less: collection management for Australian school libraries is the aptly named title of a recently published book, edited by Ken Dillon and James Henri of Charles Sturt University.

This comprehensive work tackles the problem school libraries are facing of providing increasing numbers of sophisticated resources to satiate a growing demand, with a budget that, in all probability, is falling in real terms.

With clients increasingly using digital sources of information and off site services, the authors state that Teacher Librarians have moved beyond developing a captive collection within the library. With this in mind, the process of managing these diverse resources has become crucial. Hence the change in emphasis from collection development to collection management.

By applying effective management techniques, a Teacher Librarian will be able to cater to the needs of the users with an array of quality resources reflecting current trends and catering for the impact of recent and emerging technologies. Teacher Librarians should then be able to 'provide the right information or resource to the right user at the right time'.

The book includes chapters on 'The information landscape'; 'Introduction to collection management'; 'Analysing the environment'; 'Policies for collection management'; 'Selection and acquisition'; 'Information technology meets collection management'; 'Maintaining collection viability'; 'Collection evaluation·; 'Funding the collection program'; and 'Issues in collection management'.

Teacher Librarians need to address the issues raised in this timely book if they want to create and manage a current, cost-effective and quality collection.

ISBN: 0 94906 043 7

Cost: $35.00 plus $5.00 postage

Available from: Centre for Information Studies
Charles Sturt University
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Tel. 02 69332325

Title: Profiling the Arts
Publisher: Curriculum Corporation, Carlton Victoria 1997
RRP: $100.00
SCIS Order Number: 926271
ISBN: 1 86366 333 9
System requirements: Windows 3.1 ;Windows 95;Macintosh; CD-ROM

Description: A professional development package, this program provides a thorough overview of The Arts curriculum profile for Australian schools. II includes explanations of the conceptual framework of the curriculum document and work samples exemplifying the outcome statements.

Review: There are three easily accessed parts to this program. namely a succinct overview of the program's contents, a comprehensive explanation of the curriculum design, and the very useful student sample database. Screens are uncluttered and enhanced by video images and a clear audio component. In the database of students' work, there are eighty samples, many of which reveal the inter-relatedness of the five strands of the Arts curriculum. The real life examples include a description of he activity undertaken. the learners and the learning environment, the prior learning which has occurred and the learning outcome statements which may be evident in the child's completion of or interaction with the task. Teacher and student comments on the selected activities are valid evaluative discussions. A very useful resource for teachers interested in curriculum innovation and assessment in the Arts area, this resource also offers many excellent ideas for classroom teaching and learning activities in this key learning area.

Level rating: Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Open Access Unit, Education Queensland © State of Queensland (Department of Education) 

Title: Into India
Publisher: Curriculum Corporation, Carlton Victoria 1997
RRP: $99.95
SCIS Order Number: 906804
ISBN: 1 86366 339 8

Description: Video and teacher book

Review: Rarely is such a comprehensive, accessible and stimulating educational esource so easy to use. The video which is broken into five 30-minute sections covering a variety of issues complements the book extremely well. At last there is a resource which presents some of the diversity of this vast country. The five sections are divided into 17 separate areas of investigation with a broad range of both resources and activities. Focussing on India's extraordinary achievement, the enterprising blend of traditional and modern, it's growing middle class and the links being forged with Australia, Into India canvasses the economic, environmental and social challenges facing the world's largest democracy. Its purchase will provide you with a huge range of well balanced and provocative lessons for your classes.

Suitable for: Years 7-12.

Reviewed by Lindy Stirling -Editor Global Issues, Volume 3, Number 3, 1991

McDonald, I. 'Virtual reality: virtual legality'. Teacher & Librarian. 129, March, 1998, 1-10.
The move from a dependence on printed material in schools, to an increasing reliance on digital resources. has raised a variety of copyright issues that schools need to be aware of. This article outlines the copyright that applies to CD ROMs, the Internet, networking and software in the light of the current legal framework. The author, who is the Legal Officer for the Australian Copyright Council, also investigates legal questions still not answered, and explores ways for teachers to minimise the legal risks.

'Net dreaming'. Australian Educator. 17, Autumn, 1998, 32-34.
The use of computers and the Internet has helped to transform the classrooms at Woolum Bellum Koorie Open Door Education (KODE) school in Morwell, Victoria. The applications that students and teachers have used computers for include researching their own culture, communicating with their overseas counterparts, and creating a database of the local Ganai language. The background to the formation of the KODE schools is also discussed.

Cahlin, M., McCracken, H. & Stafford, M. 'Higher, faster, more'. Australian PC World. May, 1998, 110-119.
If you want to make the most of your web searches. this article has a comprehensive array of the best search engine sites. By implementing the tips and apvanced searching techniques covered in the article you will increase the speed and efficiency of your searching. The concept of webcasting, having information automatically downloaded to your computer, is also explained.

'Outback & online: case studies.' School PC Australia. April, 1998, 11-16.
Teachers at three country schools discuss the impact of using technology to overcome geographical isolation and enhance learning outcomes. The first case study discusses distance education and telematics at Mallacoota P-12 College, the second explains how students have benefited by using the Internet at Nymagee Public School, and the third outlines the advantages of integrating technology into the curriculum at Hughenden State School.

Nigel Paull

Nigel Paull