3rd Edition of the SCIS Subject Headings List

By Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)


As part of the ongoing process of upgrading the SCIS SUBJECT HEADINGS list, Curriculum Corporation, in co-operation with the publishing company, D.W.Thorpe, are to publish a 3rd edition of the SCIS Subject Headings list.

Currently the revision of the List is being undertaken by the Western Australian Agency for SCIS, with the assistance of the other state Cataloguing agencies. It is intended that the new list be ready for publication early in the 1994 school year.

New Zealand users of the SCIS service will be delighted to learn that approximately 500 New Zealand headings have been added to the list. These headings have been contributed by librarians, Ms Mary Gavagan and Ms Jan Foote, from Wellington, after consultation with school libraries. The headings include specific Maori language headings.

Curriculum Corporation looks forward to Mary and Jan contributing regularly to the Subject Headings list so that New Zealand schools can use the SCIS list as a reference tool like Australian schools.

Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)