By Lance Deveson

By now schools should have received the SCIS Subscription renewal for 1994.This was posted to ALL schools on the SCIS database in November. If your school has not received the renewal notice please contact Curriculum Corporation.

As I stated in the Spring 1993 edition of CONNECTIONS, subscriptions to SCIS Microfiche products for 1994 will be held at the 1993 prices.

Cards and Machine Readable Records will also be held at 1993 prices.

DIAL UP has changed for 1994 in that Curriculum Corporation will offer only one type of subscription to the service. The subscription will be $100.00 plus $25.00 per hour connect time. The dialup subscription has been simplified to bring this in line with the school year and the per hour connect time has been reduced due to the move to the VOYAGER Software and using AUSTP AC as the communication network.

Lance Deveson

Lance Deveson

Senior Information Officer