Website and app reviews

By Nigel Paull

Website and apps reviewed for school library staff.

Australia and the Vietnam War
Developed by the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW (BOSTES), this website offers a comprehensive range of information and resources related to Australia’s role in the Vietnam War. Aspects of the conflict covered include combat, personnel, defoliation, conscription, public opinion, and the aftermath of the war.
SCIS no. 1777662

Chromebooks in the classroom
Noted educator Kathy Schrock provides comprehensive information for schools interested in using Chromebooks. She shares successful classroom practices, a variety of tutorials, Chromebook comparisons, and links to relevant blogs and Google Apps.
SCIS no. 1777674

Climate change is here
This National Geographic special issue comprises three main sections: evidence that climate change is occurring, how we can attempt to fix this, and how our lives will be impacted by climate change. Students will be captivated by the stunning images, videos, and maps.
SCIS no. 1777682

Code Club Australia
Code Club is a free after school, volunteer-run coding club, where Australian students aged 9–11 can learn how to create computer games, websites, and animations. Curriculum information and training programs are also available for teachers.
SCIS no. 1777690

CSIRO is celebrating 100 years
CSIRO’s forerunner, the Advisory Council of Science and Industry, was established in 1916. To mark this centenary, the CSIRO is celebrating the innovations that have impacted Australia’s industries, society, and environment. Website content includes history, patents, inventions, scientists, and exhibitions.
SCIS no. 1777706

Everyone can code
Created by Apple, this website emphasises the importance of code in everyday life. Apple has developed an easy-to-use coding language called Swift, which is used in popular apps. This website includes ideas, lesson plans, presentations, and teacher guides.
SCIS no. 1777694

Students using this app can investigate the nutritional value of different food products. After scanning a product’s barcode, users are shown healthier alternatives (foods with lower fat, salt, or sugar content) from the app’s extensive database.
SCIS no. 1553720

Gifted and talented online
This section of New Zealand’s Te Kete Ipurangi Gifted and Talented Online showcases a variety of resources suitable for primary and secondary students. There is a diverse range of content, including apps, videos, websites, and puzzles.
SCIS no. 1777713

Grammarly is a step up from basic spelling and punctuation checking software. This online proofreader checks for grammar, spelling, and vocabulary errors, and provides explanations for corrections. Grammarly is free, though a premium subscription offers additional enhancements including a plagiarism detector.
SCIS no. 1777735

International Association of School Librarianship
The International Association of School Librarianship’s mission is to ‘be influential in the establishment and development of school librarianship in every country in the world’. The IASL website contains information regarding advocacy; professional development, information skills, and children’s literature resources; and information about their annual conferences.
SCIS no. 1063540

International children’s digital library
The International Children’s Digital Library e-publishes significant historical and contemporary children’s books from various cultural and language groups. Children around the world can access books in their first language, which helps them acknowledge their family heritage.
SCIS no. 1166685

Something in common
Published by the Australian Human Rights Commission, this website is useful for young Australians interested in ‘learning about, and becoming involved in, human rights’. Resources include information about current topics, how to become a human rights advocate, and where to access assistance or support.
SCIS no. 1777752

The internet sites selected in Website and app reviews are often of a professional nature and should be initially viewed by teachers and library staff to determine suitability for students. The links, content and address of these sites are subject to change.

Nigel Paull

Nigel Paull

Teacher librarian

South Grafton Public School, NSW