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Stopping the slide: improving reading rates in the middle school

By Narelle Keen

Issue 99, Term 4 2016

At each end-of-year assembly, I give out our Champion Reader Award to students in the junior college who have borrowed more than 120 books throughout the year, and to students in the middle and senior college who have borrowed more than 50 books. In our junior college, we always have large numbers o

The value of podcasts for school library staff

By Amy Hermon

Issue 110, Term 3 2019

No one likes to feel foolish, and I don’t know anyone who wants to admit that they don’t know something. This is how I became such a fan of podcasts and decided to create one of my own. I was never more aware of my kryptonite than sitting in my first class in library school. With nine years of exper

Marketing your school library

By Andrew Downie

Issue 110, Term 3 2019

How many times have you heard a school library professional make a comment such as, ‘My school leadership team doesn’t understand my role or the value it brings’. As a teacher librarian with long experience working both as a teacher librarian and in an education sales environment, this question is c

Even better than the real thing? Virtual and augmented reality in the school library

By Dr Kay Oddone

Issue 110, Term 3 2019

As a child, I spent hours gazing through my stereoscopic View-Master, clicking around the film cartridges that revealed 3D images of nature, superheroes and classic stories. The View-Master allowed me to escape into an imaginative world in a different way to books or television. Holding it up to my

Developing low-budget literacy programs in schools

By Sue Bursztynski

Issue 109, Term 2 2019

Writer in residence Last year I retired after many years in the library and classroom, and focused mostly on my writing. However, as I was missing my students, I signed up as a volunteer with the Ardoch Foundation. Ardoch is a children’s education charity focused on improving educational outcomes fo

School Library Spotlight: St Stephen's School

By Lise Legg

Issue 120, Term 1 2022

1. What is your job title and what does your role entail? My job title is Head of Libraries at St Stephen’s School, which is an independent, co-educational Uniting Church school from Pre-kindergarten to Year 12. The school was established at the Duncraig Campus in 1984 and the Carramar Campus in 200

Windows and mirrors: Visibility and representation in Australian LGBTQIA+ YA fiction

By Nell Day

Issue 113, Term 2 2020

Books are sometimes windows, offering views of worlds that may be real or imagined, familiar or strange ... When lighting conditions are just right, however, a window can also be a mirror. Literature transforms human experience and reflects it back to us, and in that reflection we can see our own li

School library spotlight: St Joseph’s College, Geelong

By Joy Whiteside

Issue 114, Term 3 2020

The library’s role in the school community is to be connected, multifaceted, flexible and relevant … the library has to be everything to everyone in the school community. What is your job title, and what does your role entail? I am the Library Manager at St Joseph’s College (SJC), Geelong, a Catholi

School library spotlight: Toowoomba State High School

By Lorraine Petersen

Issue 113, Term 2 2020

What is your job title, and what does your role entail? I’m the Textbook Hire Library Coordinator at Toowoomba State High School. I am studying a Diploma of Library and Information Services, and work as a teacher aide four mornings a week in the Textbook Hire division of our library. My work there f

Using technology to promote reading

By Bev Humphrey

Issue 110, Term 3 2019

Encouraging reluctant young people to pick up a book and read for information and pleasure seems to be becoming more difficult every year, especially as the range of digital distractions is ever increasing. To be fair to kids that are addicted to their computer games, tablets etc., it’s definitely n

School library spotlight: Trinity Grammar School, Sydney

By Courtney Nolan, Stefanie Gaspari

Issue 116, Term 1 2021

What is your job title, and what does your role entail? Courtney: Library Services Manager for Trinity Grammar School, Sydney. In my role I take on many of the responsibilities that come with managing the administrative side of our library services. I managed our team of library support staff, and d

Supporting Australian book creators

By Anna Fienberg

Issue 116, Term 1 2021

In her novel Celestial Navigation, Anne Tyler observes: ‘One sad thing about this world is that the acts that take the most out of you are usually the ones that other people will never know about.’ Like billions of other fans of good fiction, I am saved every day by insights such as Anne’s. Novels l

SCIS is more

By Caroline Hartley

Issue 116, Term 1 2021

Welcome to the first issue of Connections for 2021. We are excited to be back for a new school year, and we look forward to engaging with you at upcoming events, via our social media channels and term newsletters, and through our new SCIS Data user surveys. Our strategic priorities for 2021 include

SCIS is more

By Caroline Hartley

Issue 117, Term 2 2021

Welcome to the Term 2, 2021 issue of Connections. Thank you to everyone who responded to our SCIS User Survey. We appreciate you taking the time to share your ideas on a range of topics that can help us provide better service to the school library community. When reviewing the most searched for Help

Supporting Australian book creators

By test1

Issue 112, Term 1 2020

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School Library Spotlight: Xavier College, Burke Hall

By Fiona O'Rourke

Issue 119, Term 4

1. What is your job title and what challenges are you facing? I have just commenced at Xavier College, Burke Hall as a part-time teacher librarian for the Middle Years.  Beginning a new job in a school can  be both exciting and daunting. However, when you begin at the commencement of Lockdown 5.0 an

SCIS is more

By Ben Chadwick

Issue 120, Term 1

This issue celebrates thirty years of Connections magazine. Can you believe it? Thirty years ago SCIS decided it needed a way to keep readers abreast of changing school library technologies and informed about developments in SCIS’s products and services. The first issue dealt with dial-up, CD-ROMs,

Collector, curator or collaborator?

By Jennie Bales

Issue 100, Term 1 2017

national collaborative forums available to the Australian school library sector. It relies on its members to generate content on matters relating to school libraries, programs, pedagogy, and the library profession. It was established as a listserv in 1995 by Charles Sturt University’s teacher libra

TikTok and libraries: a powerful partnership

By Kelsey Bogan

Issue 115, Term 4 2020

‘Miss Bogan, you’re TikTok famous!’ These words greeted me early one morning shortly after I had finally caved in and created a TikTok account for our high school library. I had posted a TikTok video the previous night, you see, and in less than a day, it had more than 300,000 views! Within a week,

Language, literature and literacy during COVID-19 and beyond

By Annette Wagner

Issue 114, Term 3 2020

Over the last few months, learning has moved to the digital space, changing the perception of online learning tools. Annette Wagner, Creative Director of Story Box Library, discusses how teachers have embraced digital learning practices and online tools, including storytelling tools. During isolatio