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The value of social history

By Sandra Watkins

Issue 96, Term 1 2016

shine Route and the other rail lines in the state. I had never been on a train, nor had I visited or even seen pictures of these places. Although the teaching and learning of history (formerly social studies, then SOSE) has developed magnificently with the inquiry approach, we still learn the facts

Teaching Australian Cinema with Rabbit-Proof Fence

By Dr Stephen Gaunson

Issue 92, Term 1 2015

The biggest issue with teaching Australian films is the inherent problem that many students (and teachers) approach them as being boring, dull, or bad. Rather than engage with the films, most view the experience as a civic duty that one must simply 'endure'. While there are no excuses for bad Austra

An inquiry-based approach to exploring Australian history

By Deborah Abela

Issue 99, Term 4 2016

In the last few years, we have witnessed the largest movement of people since World War II, and both periods resonate with themes of fear, persecution, escape, identity, and hope. This made me think of my own family’s history and how, when my father was a young boy, he left his war-ravaged home of M

Supercharge students' digital literacy skills with content curation

By Kay Oddone

Issue 105, Term 2 2018

digital literacy strategies. Breaking down each of these steps makes it possible to identify just what these strategies are and demonstrates the rich teaching opportunities embedded in them. Finding the information Creating a curated collection of high-quality information requires more than a simple

Transmedia storytelling: narratives like real life

By Martin Gray

Issue 95, Term 4 2015

What is Transmedia Storytelling?Prof. Henry Jenkins, M.I.T. 2003.'a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience.'