ELR – Encouraging the growth and development of Australian writing and publishing

By Ruilin Shi

A behind the scenes look at the Educational Lending Right program

Each year, SCIS manages the Educational Lending Right (ELR) School Library Survey on behalf of the Department of Communications and the Arts. In turn, annual payments to authors and publishers are calculated using the results of this survey, extrapolated to reach a national school score and then combined with scores in the university and TAFE sectors.

In Term 4, we send invitations to participate in the ELR survey to a randomly selected sample of Australian schools. We ask these schools to run a report in their library system that takes a count of the number of copies of titles held in their library. It is a quick process – only taking a few minutes and a few clicks.

We highly enourage schools to participate, as the more who do, the more statistically valid the survey results will be. For a relatively small amount of effort, you will be be providing much valued support to an excellent cause.

So, in Term 4, please keep an eye out for an email in your school’s inbox or a package mailed to your school, and take part in ELR 2019–20.

Let’s support Australian book creators so we can continue to enjoy the fantastic works they have to offer!

Ruilin Shi

Ruilin Shi

ELR project coordinator

Education Services Australia