Website and app reviews

By Nigel Paull

Website and apps reviewed for school library staff

10 Minutes A Day Times Tables
Dorling Kindersley offers this free, engaging times tables resource for primary school students. Students are encouraged to beat the clock in a series of short games. Has hints and tips on how to reach higher levels.
SCIS no. 1925307

Atlas Of Living Australia
This atlas ‘is a collaborative, national project that aggregates biodiversity data from multiple sources and makes it freely available and usable online’. Teachers and students can search interactive maps of flora and fauna, investigate data sets, and browse natural history collections.
SCIS no. 1521391

Australian Institute Of Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Studies
This website is a gateway to a vast array of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources about traditions, cultures, languages, and stories both past and present. Teachers exploring the collection can access curriculum-linked educational resources and teaching notes.
SCIS no. 994972

Collisions: Play Chemistry
Various chemistry topics for curious secondary students are brought to life in this app. Content includes atoms, acids, covalent bonding, ions and ionic bonding, and phase change. The atoms unit is free; however, the full suite of challenges involves an in-app purchase.
SCIS no. 1925344

Global Oneness Project
Concentrating on cultural, ecological and social issues, this project has a global focus. Using stories, photos, articles, videos and lesson plans, contemporary issues such as migration, climate change, the environment, indigenous cultures, and inspirational people are explored.
SCIS no. 1918945

The Golden Pipeline
The pipeline from the outskirts of Perth to Western Australia’s eastern goldfields is both historically significant and a wonder of engineering. This impressive website from National Trust Western Australia provides information on the scheme and how it works, the people involved, its economic impact, and educational resources for teachers.
SCIS no. 1143494

Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research information-for/schools
The educational section of this website offers students and teachers resources and information relating to New Zealand’s flora and fauna, land and water resources, biodiversity, and biosecurity. Students will be engaged with quizzes, competitions and videos.
SCIS no. 1099051

Ocean Shock
Ocean shock is one of the thought-provoking Reuters Investigates series available on the web. The world beneath the waves is explored in this investigation, with the focus on the deleterious effects of warming waters on marine life across the globe.
SCIS no. 1925325

Seeing AI
Microsoft is developing a free artificial intelligence app for people who are blind and the low vision community that uses
their iPhones to scan products and then hear product information, recognise faces, speak text, identify handwriting and colour, describe captured scenes, identify certain currencies, and describe photos on phones.
SCIS no. 1925340

Tes: Teaching Resources
With over 500,000 P–12 lesson resources available, teachers are encouraged to investigate this encompassing resource. The NSW Teachers Federation Centre for Professional Learning, the NSW Board of Studies, and the Australian Education Union have combined with Times Education to create a website that ‘provides an unprecedented level of teaching resources focused on the curriculum needs and priorities of Australian schools’.
SCIS no. 1925331

This award-winning iOS app immerses and engages readers in an augmented reality storytelling experience. Readers become part of the story, interacting with characters and moving about as the story progresses. The first story is free; others incur a fee.
SCIS no. 1925334

Fake News
The contentious issue of fake news is explored on this guide originating from London South Bank University. There are many aspects relating to fake news covered, including: how to determine if news is fake; how to check facts; elections and fake news; fake news in history; and what libraries and teacher librarians can do to expose fake news.
SCIS: 1903780

Food Loss And Food Waste
An initiative of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, this topical website focuses attention on global food waste and loss. Almost one-third of food produced globally is wasted, with a corresponding loss of natural resources, labour, water and energy. Content includes video, authoritative links, stories, reports and policy measures.
SCIS: 1926761

The websites and apps selected for review are often of a professional nature and should be initially viewed by teachers and library staff to
determine suitability for students. The links, content and address of these sites are subject to change.

Nigel Paull

Nigel Paull

Teacher librarian

North Coast, NSW