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By Caroline Ramsden

News and updates from the Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)

Welcome to Issue 110 of Connections!

New Connections editor

In this issue, we welcome our new Connections editor, Carmen Eastman. Carmen brings a background in marketing for libraries to our team. We are very happy to have her, and I’m looking forward to all the great content she has planned for coming issues. Welcome, Carmen!

In May, we farewelled Nicole Richardson. Nicole has been editing Connections since Issue 96, and gave the magazine a complete new look from Issue 103. She also arranged the digitising of all the back issues, now available at Thank you, Nicole!

As always, we welcome submissions to Connections from both first-time and experienced writers. It is a great way to advocate for your library, and share your fantastic ideas with colleagues around the world. Please contact [email protected].

Your SCIS Data subscription

All SCIS Data subscribers agree to the SCIS Subscription Terms of Use at the start of their subscription. It is important to remember how these terms affect the use of SCIS records.

Your subscription gives you access to search and download from the approximately 1.6 million records on the SCIS database. You
can use these records in your school’s library catalogue and within the school.

If your library is part of a collective cloud-based catalogue, there are certain fields in SCIS records that cannot be shared, and others that must not be changed or deleted. This includes adding records to a shared system such as Libraries Australia.

The full Subscription Terms of Use is available on the SCIS website. Clauses 14 and 15 relate to the above.

Conferences and professional learning

We were out and about at conferences for SLAV and ASLA in March and April. It’s always good to hear from you about what is happening in the schools.

We have also been on the road with SCIS workshops in Mandurah, Fremantle and Sydney.

In Term 2 we ran a brand new webinar, ‘Understanding SCIS records’. Cataloguing Team Leader Renate Beilharz explained the anatomy of a SCIS record, and discussed subject cataloguing, the importance of the subject search, how authority files enhance discoverability, consistent series and genre headings, and more! We also re-ran the popular webinar, ‘Search and download in SCIS Data’.

Keep an eye on the SCIS Professional learning page, to see where the next SCIS workshop(s) will be, and what webinars are coming up. We’d love to see you there.

Caroline Ramsden

Caroline Ramsden

SCIS Manager

Education Services Australia