Internetting Corner

By Nigel Paull

The following websites can be easily accessed on the Internet via the links found on Curriculum Corporation's Connections Website for Issue 36 at <>.

Air Travelers
Senior primary teachers who are teaching buoyancy, properties of gases and temperature may wish to combine aspects of these topics and use this site to study the technology involved in hot air ballooning.
SCIS 1030175

Comprising information and links about the Anzacs and Anzac Day, the information at this site is a subsection of the extensive database Australia's Cultural Network, an initiative of the Australian Federal Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts.
SCIS 1030033

AskERIC Lesson Plans: Physical Education
Designed for primary teachers who are after additional ideas for teaching PE skills, this site offers detailed lesson plans for games, gymnastics, fitness skills, orienteering and team sports.
SCIS 1030168

Ask Jeeves for Kids
Similar in concept to the adult site Ask Jeeves, Ask Jeeves for Kids allows students to frame their web searches in plain English with no complicated search strategies. The search results in a single website that the Ask Jeeves for Kids researchers deem to provide the best answer to the question.
SCIS 1010660

Australian Native Bush Food (Tucker) Links
An abundance of information and links relating to all aspects of Australian bush foods are presented on this site. Topics covered include plants, bush food industries, Aboriginal plant use, recipes, suppliers and restaurants.
SCIS 1030049

FedGov - Home
For anyone wanting to locate Commonwealth government departments, services, authorised information or media releases, this official site will make the task simpler. Advanced searches are possible and links to state governments are available.
SCIS 1030164

Guinness World Records - Home
A perennial favourite with students, this engaging online version of Guinness World Records contains a search engine, randomly generated records, games and daily top stories.
SCIS 1030022

National Library of Australia's Federation Gateway
Primary and secondary students researching the centenary of Federation will find a wealth of pertinent information present. Of particular importance are the primary source materials, digitised images, websites and exhibition details.
SCIS 1026879

New Zealand Plants
New Zealand's native flowering plants, mosses and liverworts, ferns and cone bearing plants are covered in detail using computer animations, photographs and text. Teaching resources are also available.
SCIS 1030086 - Best of the Web 99
Popular Science has selected these 50 diverse science and technology sites as the best from 1999. Many of these sites are suitable for secondary science students, but teachers would need to set aside time for further investigation.
SCIS 996006

Introduction to Windows to the Universe
Developed by the University of Michigan and funded by NASA, this resource includes an array of animations, images, movies, documents and data regarding the interrelationships of earth and space sciences.
SCIS 1030094

[email protected] - Australian Aboriginal Writers it/abowrits.html
As part of Ozlit, this site contains a comprehensive database of information about leading Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander writers, storytellers, illustrators and poets.
SCIS 1030190

Skateboard Science
By incorporating the focus on physics and skateboards, secondary science teachers can add a contemporary emphasis to their lessons on gravity, momentum, friction and centripetal force.
SCIS 1030187

[email protected]
Emanating from New Zealand, [email protected] reviews educational websites for a worldwide audience of teachers. Over 3,000 websites are currently available, each reviewed and rated according to set criteria.
SCIS 995987

The World Time Server - Correct, Current, Local
By simply clicking on a country, state or city, the current time (incorporating daylight savings) in any part of the world is displayed. Another feature is that times can be compared between two different places on the globe, now and in the future.
SCIS 1011929

Reviewed by Nigel Paull, South Grafton Public School.
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The Internet sites abstracted in lnternetting Corner are often of a professional nature and should be initially viewed by teachers and Teacher Librarians to determine suitability for students. Remember: the links, content and even the address of a site may change quickly.

Nigel Paull

South Grafton Public School