SCISWeb Handy Hints

By Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)

1. Creating lists of websites catalogued on the SCIS database

SCIS has catalogued over 1,200 websites on the SCIS database. A number of SCIS users have asked us how they may identify these websites and use a list as a selection tool for their own library catalogues. The following instructions may assist in producing a list of titles for browsing or printing.

(a) To produce a list of all website titles catalogued by SCIS, perform the following search in SCIS OPAC:
• From the SCISWeb Online Ordering screen select SCIS OPAC. Click on OK
• Click on Builder button. Click on Limits and select Computer File in the Medium category (Note: using the limits in SCIS OPACwill ensure that only items which have been identified as Computer Files will be retrieved).
• Click on Set Limits. Ensure that Builder search screen displays Search limits are in effect.
• In the Search for window, type the term website, leaving the default as a phrase.
• In the Search in window leave the default setting on Title. Scroll down and set page display to 50 records per page.
• Click on Search button. The results will be displayed alphabetically through each year, beginning with websites created in 2001.

(b) To produce a list of websites catalogued in a particular month, eg January 2001, perform the following search in SCIS OPAC:
• From the SCISWeb Online Ordering screen select SCIS OPAC. Click on OK
• Click on Command button. In the search window type the term website AND "Jan? 2001". (Note: The'?' will truncate the month and retrieve records catalogued as either January or the abbreviated Jan.)
• Set page display to 50 records per page

Click on Search button. Results will be displayed in alphabetical order by title. The dates that appear in the resulting lists refer to the creation date of the website and not the date the website was catalogued by SCIS.

Note: These steps will provide you with a list of titles only of the catalogued websites. To download the SCIS records for your selected websites you will need to locate the SCIS order numbers in SCIS OPAC and then process them in SCISWeb.

2. Searching by ISBN in SCIS OPAC

Occasionally a record downloaded from SCISWeb will not match the resource you intended to catalogue, despite having an identical ISBN. This may be attributed to the practice of some publishers of duplicating, or'recycling' ISBNs. In order to obtain the correct record for your resource you can locate the SCIS number in SCIS OPAC and use this when you process your order in SCISWeb.

• On the SCISWeb Online Ordering screen choose SCIS OPAC. Click on OK
• Click on Builder button. Place the cursor into the top field on the screen, and scan (or type) the ISBN.
• In the Search in field use the pull-down arrow to select ISBN.
• Click on Search button. SCIS OPAC will retrieve any catalogue records matching the ISBN entered. You will be able to identify the correct resource by title. Note the SCIS number of the correct item and process your order in SCISWeb.


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