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A truly amazing place

In her article ' A truly amazing place', Elizabeth Berky-Peterson enlightens read ers on the joys of supporting multilingual radio programs and servicing information requests like: 'you know, the one I had last year ... and it has a blue cover' at the SBS Resource Centre. Incite. Vol.17 p.12.

Photo finish

Year 12 photography students from Wirreanda High School, Adelaide now know why the girls in glossy magazines always look so great! They have become confident users of computer technology loaded with Adobe Photoshop and share their experience in 'Photo finish '. The Gen. April 1996, p.2.

Assessing learning with technology

Assessment of student outcomes and accountability is a focus for many teachers and Karin Wiburg investigates how learning can be assessed with the assistance of new forms of technology in 'Assessing learning with technology'. Learning and leading with technology. Vol.23, no.6, p.7.

The Internet

Experimenting with the World Wide Web becomes frustrating when sites don't appear or you're unsure about which search engine to use. In the June 1996 issue of Australian PC User, John Hilvert and Link Harris provide tips and tricks for easier Internet browsing, troubleshooting ideas and expose search secrets in their article 'The Internet' (p.88).

Violence In schools

With the perception that violence is increasing within schools, the latest edition of Set : research information for teachers, no.1 1996 has two articles on this issue. Colin McGrath, Principal of Coburg Preston Secondary College questioned 33 principals on the possible causes of violence in their schools and published his findings in 'Violence in schools: principal's perspectives' with some valuable practical solutions. In the second article: 'Family violence and children: how schools can respond' Paula Shepherd provides a New Zealand perspective highlighting that schools can often be the place where children experiencing violence are identified and can receive protection.

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