Internetting Corner

By Heather Kelsall

"Tucker Box" provides a forum for practising educators to share curriculum knowledge, work plans, ideas and experiences via the Internet through a project funded by the Queensland Department of Education.

The homepage has three aspects - Departments which contains regular features from the editor, weekly 'surprises' and a suggestions box; Articles has items contributed by teachers and school personnel and Out of the Box highlights special contributions beyond the school environment. David Pedwell instigated the page aiming to capture educational ideas being shared through lists and the e-mail world. He maintains it in his spare time and would welcome contributions at [email protected]

With many schools pondering on how best to provide Internet access, Peter Whitehouse shares the St. Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace experience through the Chalkbox icon in the Articles section ... or you can visit him direct on

Encourage your teachers to surf .... on these sites:
Australian Curriculm projects registry
Investigates the professional development of teachers using the lnternet.

[email protected]
Teachers list for Victoria

[email protected]
Teachers list for Western Australia
Lists resources for teachers
Education network for DEET
List of schools with www sites

A thematic unit on whales across an integrated curriculum
National Library of Australia services and information
Rainforest Workshop home page
Australian Bureau of Meterology: weather information and forecasts
Behind the News from the ABC
British Broadcasting Commission: access to world services and education section
Reuters daily news service reports
Library of Congress
Australian Library Week 1996 home pages
ANU Institute of the Arts connecting to art exhibitions, libraries etc
Arabic culture and the Palestinian situation
Space shuttle Endeavour information
Australian Bureau of Statistics information and services

Citing Internet sources is still of concern to some T /Ls .... You may like to see what Elizabeth College, Hobart have decided on by visiting their home page at

Heather Kelsall