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By Lance Deveson

Sending and Receiving Emails via SCISLINK and KEYLINK

SCIS Online Subscribers have included with their subscription a complimentary subscription to the KEYLINK electronic mail system of Telstra.

When schools are configuring their SCISLINK software, they are asked to key in a MAIL ID i.e. SCIS123456, and Password, infoserv. This is each schools' KEYLINK address and password. Once entered into the configuration files of SCISLINK, schools using KEYLINK do not have to re-enter this information to access KEYLINK to send and receive e-mail. SCISLINK also gives schools the ability to compose these messages offline, then connect to KEYLINK via the SEND MAIL option in the SCISLINK CONNECT menu box.

To Send Mail to another SCIS online user, select the Messages, Create, option of SCISLINK and in the To section, type in the KEYLINK User Number, i.e. to send a mail message to School Number, 312346, in the To area on the Message form type, SCIS312346.

If you want to keep a copy of the message, in the Copy section of the address, send a copy to yourself by typing in your own KEYLINK User Number, i.e. if your school's user number is SCIS312498, then enter that number in the copy section.

After typing the message, highlight send and enter, and the message will be put into the OUITRAY on the SCISLINK main menu screen. To send this message to the other SCIS user, just open the CONNECT menu, highlight Send Mail, then enter. SCISLINK will automatically connect to KEYLINK, send the mail and logoff.

Sending and Collecting MAIL

To save time and money connecting to KEYLINK, after you have created mail to be sent to another User if you select the process mail Option within the CONNECT menu, SCISLINK will connect to KEYLINK, send your mail and collect any mail in your mail box, logoff and enable you to read your mail offline.


Keylink can send and receive mail from other Users who have Internet Email addresses.

To SEND to these schools, teacher /librarians, all you need to do is to know their Internet address and Add that to your SCISLINK Address book, within the FILE menu.

For example to Send Mail to a school or teacher librarian with the Internet address of
[email protected]

In the ADDRESS BOOK create the following address:
(Site:aamet, "rfc-822":<jjones (a)>)

To access this address when creating a Mail message, after selecting Create and opening the message screen, click on Address, highlight the address you wish to send to, then press enter. The Internet address will be inserted into the To area of the address.

To RECEIVE mail from an Internet Email service, just give the following address to the other user and they will then be able to send mail via the Internet to your school.

Assuming that your KEYLINK user number is SCIS312493

Give the following address to the Internet user to enable that school to send Emails to your school.
/PN=scis312493/0 =CURRICULUM. CO RP/

The school can insert this into their Address book and then when they wish to send messages to you or your school use this address.

Although the initial addressing is long, once you have added these into your address book you will not have to re-type the address each time you wish to send to the other user and also by using your subscription to KEYLINK you have saved your school money by not having to pay out for another subscription to an Internet provider to enable you to send and receive Internet Emails.

Why not try and send a message to me at Curriculum Corporation via KEYLINK.

My address is (Site:aarnet,"rfc-822" :<[email protected]>)

Lance Deveson

Assistant Manager: Information