Have You Read This?

By Heather Kelsall

While some may decide to leave literature and reading within the domain of the English Department, promoting the pleasures of reading is still a primary role of the T /L. Margaret Spinak shares her experiences with the DEAR (Drop Everything And Read!) program in place at St. Clare's College, Waverley where the whole school stops to read for fifteen minutes each day. 'Promoting reading for pleasure: a whole school experience'. Scan. Vol. 16 No. 3 August 1997 p:9.

With many schools designing their own Home Page, the quality of pictures and photos used to enhance information plays an important role. Michael Priest evaluates scanners with two primary purchase qualifiers: price and ease of use, and provides T / Ls with a valuable overview of the market. 'Picking scanners for web graphics'. Internet.au. No. 23 September 1997 p: 54.

Planning to re-vamp the library? The September issue of Incite looks at functional attractive library environments servicing the information needs of various client groups. The award winning Sunshine Coast University Library is highlighted where vibrant colours combine with Queensland maple and jarrah timbers used for joinery and furniture. Not only is it an inviting atmosphere, but staff can be proud of the intellectual content of the collection. 'Form does equal function'. Incite. Vol. 18 September 1997 p:11.

Surfing the super highway is not always smooth or fast for students and they can become frustrated when confronted with messages like: 'could not open' or 'site [name] was not found'. Trouble-shooting connection problems in Communique Issue 84 September 1997 p: 54 provides clients with step-by-step procedures to assist in connectivity and offers point-form checks for both DNS server and default gateway settings.

Heather Kelsall