New Generation SCIS Products (Continued)

By Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)

Current Products

SCIS Online (via SCISLINK)

(Note: no downloading of records)

  1. Access the SCIS database (Voyager) using the SCISLINK communications software provided by Curriculum Corporation.
  2. Option 1: Search individually for the resource/ s and press 'O' to place an order for that particular record. Option 2: Select 'Bulk Order' and either scan ISBNs or manually enter them into Voyager. The order numbers are automatically checked against the SCIS database and an online order is placed for the matched cataloguing records.
  3. Press 'Fl' to confirm the order.
  4. The ordered cataloguing records will be returned to you in the mail.

SCIS Cataloguing Microfiche

  1. Search the microfiche for the resource/s.
  2. Note down the SCIS Order Number on a 1998 SCIS Catalogue Card or Machine Readable Record Order Form.
  3. Fax or mail the order form to Curriculum Corporation.
  4. The ordered cataloguing records will be returned to you in the mail.

ASCISRECON/Rapid Retrospective (RR) Update

Curriculum Corporation has taken into account the concerns from some schools that the move to cease ASCISRECON /RR processing at the end of 1997 was announced too late in the year to enable schools to plan accordingly for the new 1998 SCIS products. As a concession, Curriculum Corporation will continue processing ASCISRECON /RR records for 1998 only. The ASCISRECON/RR service will finish with the last processing date in December 1998. By this time, schools will need to ensure that they have the facilities to access and use either the SCISWeb or SCIS Downloading CD-ROM for 1999.

For those schools who wish to use the ASCISRECON /RR service, the 1998 prices will be as follows:

Per Record Price $0.30 cents (Min. charge 100 records ($30.00)
Handling/postage charg; per order: $20.00


Although Curriculum Corporation will continue to process ASCISRECON/RR records in 1998, the ASCISRECON program itself will not be available for purchase after 31 December 1997. The program is being replaced by the new SCIS Downloading CD ROM (see 1998 SCIS Subscription Form for further details). Schools who have already purchased the ASCISRECON program will still be able to send records for processing during 1998.

Discontinued Products

Curriculum Corporation has made the difficult decision to discontinue the following SCIS products at the end of 1997: the SCIS Abbreviated Cataloguing Microfiche; SCIS Subject Authority Microfiche; and SCIS On DISC (CD ROM) will not be available to schools in 1998.

For those schools who are only able to access the SCIS database through microfiche, we will continue to offer the SCIS (Full) Cataloguing Microfiche in 1998. Schools requiring access to the SCIS database on CD ROM in 1998 will notice that the current search only SCIS On DISC (CD ROM) has been replaced by the new product, the SCIS Downloading CD ROM.

Improved Hit-rate

As a part of Curriculum Corporation's ongoing commitment to provide schools with a quality up-to-date cataloguing service, we have undertaken a review of the SCIS database's collection policies and procedures. We are pleased to announce that the findings of this review will result in an improved 'hit-rate' (the ratio of materials searched for and then located on the SCIS database) for schools in 1998. We would like to thank those schools who have assisted in this process.

Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)