Internetting Corner

By Heather Kelsall
The CDSCC is Australia's link to outerspace and a joint pro-ject with British Aerospace and NASA where scanning devices track spacecraft. Sydney's Powerhouse Museum user-friendly exhibits are now available online.
A collection of railway and model railway links worldwide for those fascinated by trains and railways.
The latest headlines and all news services from the ABC.
A site dedicated to farmers and agriculture students with information on weather, finance, crops and grain, livestock, wool, equipment, horticulture, and more.
Great way to catch up on any Quantum programs you may have missed and to find out what is planned in the future.
CHEMystery is an interactive guide for high school chemistry students linking them to USENET news groups.
Scientific and geographic information on the Antarctic containing topics such as space, weather, land, oceans and expeditions.
Interesting site for teachers and students with information and activities on ocean animals.
South East Water's site offers information on water conservation, waste water, etc and has a curriculum unit for teachers and students containing over 100 activities.
Interesting site for students breeding guinea pigs and/ or hamsters: breeding, feeding, genetics, clubs and more.
Contains feature stories and news from the Australian Financial Review with an updated daily news service. Items are grouped into sections for easy browsing: investment, banking, property, etc.
Site for Australia's national newspaper with the latest news, sport and business stories.
Information about Sydney for residents, prospective visitors and student projects.
Promotes emerging Australian artists.
Professor Simon Chapman from the University of Sydney has developed this site against tobacco.
More than 3000 poems written by 434 poets: well worth reading!
An online anthology with at least one new poem added daily.
Reviews of new and classic science fiction works, a news section and a collection of essays.
Teachers: this contains advice on how to write your own Web site.
For T /Ls promoting the past: check what happened on this day historically. summary/
The 'Stolen Children Report' now available through the Social Justice Library.

Heather Kelsall