By Lance Deveson

Subscribers to Curriculum Corporation's microfiche products for 1994 will no doubt have experienced problems receiving the 1994 cumulations for the Full and Abbreviated microfiche and Subject Authority microfiche this year.

At a time when Curriculum Corporation is implementing the Voyager project, we had all hoped that the annual microfiche distribution would go smoothly. However, that was not to be.

In December 1993, the Information Program staff began the yearly task of proofing the new 'fiche for 1994. One of the aims of the Information Program is to deliver to schools the cleanest data and this year we discovered there was some 'dirty' data on the database that was corrupting the microfiche, especially in the index.

As Senior Information Officer, I took the decision not to allow the microfiche to be copied until the data was clean. This procedure has taken time and required the cooperation of both Ferntree Computer Corporation and Data Com , our service bureaus, who also had to program the work. I am sure that even though the microfiche has been late, the data is now clean and therefore more useable.

The labels for the distribution of the microfiche are printed from the Curriculum Corporation subscriber database. I cannot stress too strongly that it is very important that SCIS subscribers notify Curriculum Corporation of school name and address changes so that we can ensure that your microfiche is posted to the correct address. This year there have been many school name changes, but often Curriculum Corporation only finds out when the microfiche is returned by Australia Post, unable to be delivered.

Please accept my apology for the problems this year, as I can assure you that we are making every effort to improve the distribution of the product. As always, if your school has paid for the 1994 microfiche, and has not yet received the product, please ring Curriculum Corporation and we will forward a set by return mail.

Thank you for your patience.

Lance Deveson

Lance Deveson

Senior Information Officer