Have You Read This?

By Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)

Laurel Clyde in The international network, Orana, February 1994, p 28-36 has a useful rundown of useful periodicals.

Incite 4 March 1994, p 25 carried a very positive review of the Macquarie dictionary on CD-ROM.

The same issue also carried an interesting article by Hanns Possin describing the change in collection policy at the Nepean CAE From "just-in-case" to "just-in-time" (ibid p16-17). The impact of the new technologies is increasingly being felt at the school level and it may well be that this becomes the way of our future document delivery also.

Students evaluate CD-ROM! is a wonderful article by Nancy Larkin in Information searcher, vol 6, no 11993 p 29-32, with some insightful and ingenuous evaluations of a whole range of products by her grade 2 students.

In the same issue, Harlene Rosenberg explains how she set up a CD-ROM network for a large high school. Getting started with CD-ROM Information searcher, vol 6, no 1 1993, p3-6.

The growth of multi-campus secondary colleges may lead to the concept of the virtual campus becoming a reality in schools. Jan Ring describes the virtual campus at Edith Cowan University in Distance education more effective, Incite, 4 March 1994, p12.

I have recently commenced a subscription to Scan, the journal of the Education Department of NSW. It's a marvellous journal full of reviews and lots of articles on technology of very broad appeal. Here are some of the articles that I found particularly interesting:

Ilanet, by Howard Amos, Scan, vol 13 no 1, February 1994, p 31-33, provides and insight into this national and international electronic mail and database access network.

Barbara Poston-Anderson describes the possible future of libraries in Virtual reality: a learning medium of the future, Scan vol 12, no 4, October 1993, p12-13.

Learning with technology, Scan vol 12, no 4, October 1993, p24-25 presents an insight into the uses of CD-ROMs, telecommunications and video at Fairfield Heights Public School.

In CD-ROM: the wave begins to form, Dr Allan Ellis gives an overview of CD-ROM technology from the 1980's and into the near future. Scan, vol 12, no 3, July 1993, p30-32.

Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)