News from the Information Program

By Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)


Curriculum Corporation is progressing with the implementation of the Voyager Software to replace the existing Dobis/Libis system. Staff at Curriculum Corporation in cooperation with Ferntree Computer Corporation and MARCorp has finalised the conversion of the SCIS data from AUSMARC to USMARC. This is the standard that is being adopted by libraries world wide in 1996 and Curriculum Corporation will adopt this standard once Voyager is implemented . ln 1995 Curriculum Corporation will be delivering product in USMARC format and all the major school library automation supplies in Australia have already been notified of the impending change to the data structure so that they can modify their systems to accept the new format. Catalogue card output will not be effected by the change.


SCIS Subject headings 3rd Edition.

In cooperation with the publishers, D. W. Thorpe, Curriculum Corporation has completed are vision of the SCIS SUBJECT HEADINGS LIST . The revision of the book has been undertaken by the Western Australian Cataloguing Agency with assistance from all the SCIS cataloguing agencies. The revision includes many new headings and in particular 500 New Zealand headings contributed by schools in New Zealand. The publication is being sold by DW Thorpe (03) 2457370.

Subject Headings on Disk.

The Board of Curriculum Corporation has given approval for the Information Program to develop a disk based version of the SCIS subject headings. This product will include the complete headings list and related cross references. The product will be supplied as data only and all the major software suppliers have been notified of the data structure to enable them to import the data into their particular system. This product has been developed in response to many requests from schools to have all the SCIS subject headings available online rather than having to manually enter the headings and the cross references. Curriculum Corporation has priced the disk at $ 300.00.


Curriculum Corporation has been testing a revision of the ASCISRECON program. The new version of the program has the added functions of a complete back up facility, an ability to printout the order prior to forwarding this to Curriculum Corporation for processing, an improved counter at the point of entry and minor screen changes. Curriculum Corporation intends to offer the new version to existing users of ASCISRECON as an update in addition to new users. The program will be available in second term.


The Board of Curriculum Corporation has given permission for the Information Program to investigate the development of the SCIS database on CD-ROM. The product would be available as a 'search only' CD-ROM, with the ability to search the database like using microfiche but with enhanced searching ability. Curriculum Corporation is also looking at the possibility of also adding 'downloading software' into the CD-­ROM to enable subscribers to not only search the data but also load this into their automated library systems. The product is likely to be available in the second half of 1994. No price has been decided at this stage.

Schools Catalogue Information Service (SCIS)