Website and app reviews

By Nigel Paull

Website and apps reviewed for school library staff.

3D printing – Kathy Schrock’s guide to everything
The impact of 3D printers on industry, and therefore education, is going to be immense. Schrock succinctly explains the basics of 3D printers and their application in the classroom. She also includes a variety of lesson plans applicable to most 3D printers.
SCIS no. 1704217

Governing Australia
This free iPad app makes use of images, diagrams, animation, and videos to explain federal government in Australia. It encompasses the Constitution through to voting procedures. Students can undertake recap questions at the end of each unit. Links to additional websites are also available.
SCIS no. 1704704

Inspirational school libraries from around the world – gallery
Is your library looking a little dated? Feel like a library makeover? This selection of images of school libraries, from Toorak to Los Angeles, will sharpen your appetite for change. Worth browsing, whether you are planning a small change or a complete renovation.
SCIS no. 1704710

LiveBinders is an online organisational tool that allows teachers to eliminate those old 3 ring binders and store educational resources, student assessments, and portfolios in electronic folders. LiveBinders also make collaboration and presentations more convenient and engaging.
SCIS no. 1523964

NASA app for smartphones and tablets
Available free of charge for IOS and Android devices, this app offers users news, on-demand television, mission information, 13,000 images, access to social media, satellite trackers, streaming radio, and much more. Specific sections are available for educators and students.
SCIS no. 1704759

NGAkids art zone
The focus of this National Gallery of Art website is on 'interactive art that you can make online.' Students can design, create, construct, and experiment with the variety of engaging online activities presented. Guides for students, families, and teachers are also available.
SCIS no. 1704219

Reading Australia
This website aims 'to make significant Australian literary works more readily available for teaching in schools and universities.' Education resources, linked to the Australian curriculum, have been written by prominent primary and secondary teaching associations to complement these works.
SCIS no. 1646497

Turn your favourite quotes from literature, poetry, plays, movies, or mentors into visually engaging posters to be printed for hallways, classrooms, or libraries. Recite can also be used as a digital enhancement for presentations such as PowerPoint or school blogs.
SCIS no. 1704778

Special education – best apps for kids
Special education teachers will find a great selection of apps that are suitable to use with their students. Most curriculum areas are covered and each site is rated and tagged. Apps are also searchable by grade, device, curriculum area, free apps, and category.
SCIS no. 1704791

The surfing scientist
Featuring Ruben Meerman, the renowned Surfing Scientist, in a series of engaging videoed experiments. This ABC website also teaches students scientific 'tricks', encourages them to investigate 'conundrums', and further explore demonstrations. Links to other ABC science websites are included.
SCIS no. 1239147

Water Cycle HD
This award-winning app concisely explains the water cycle and its impact on the Earth. Information is presented audio-visually using diagrams, text, photos, and videos. Students can also undertake a series of self-correcting quizzes and games.
SCIS no. 1704867

Wonderopolis. Where the wonders of learning never cease
As the title implies, this website offers a plethora of links to wonderful information for curious students of all ages to explore. Entries feature word challenges, galleries, additional information, and knowledge tests. The Wonder of the Day would be an intriguing information snippet to display on an Interactive Whiteboard each day in the library.
SCIS no.1704872

The internet sites selected in Website and app reviews are often of a professional nature and should be initially viewed by teachers and library staff to determine suitability for students. The links, content and address of these sites are subject to change.

Nigel Paull

Nigel Paull

Teacher Librarian

South Grafton Public School