Scootle Community

By Daniel Hughes

An overview of the features and functionality of Scootle Community.

Imagine a social network that is all about helping you to do your job better. It doesn't feature advertising; it doesn't show unsolicited posts from singles networks; it doesn't even have videos with cats riding vacuum cleaners. It is a network for hardworking teachers who are looking for solutions to everyday challenges and want to share their good ideas. It is Scootle Community and you can find it here.

What does Scootle Community offer Teacher-Librarians?

Scootle Community allows you to connect with like-minded colleagues in schools around Australia. You can join discussions about topical issues and find out about new resources, technology, professional development opportunities, forthcoming conferences; all the important things we like to discuss.

How much does Scootle Community cost?

Nothing - It is free!

How do I get started?

Go to the Scootle Community website. You will be prompted to log in, which you can do using your education network or Scootle login. Once you are in, it is a good idea to select the 'Courses' tab and complete the Scootle Community - 'Getting Started' course. Or you can just dive right in; the site is intuitive and you can begin exploring your options. However, it is important to get your profile sorted pretty quickly.

There are over 400 networks on Scootle Community so you are likely to find several that you are interested in. You can browse them on the 'Networks' tab or try entering possibilities in the 'Search' bar. Some popular, active networks include the Mobile Learning Device Network, the #EdFest15 Network, the Teacher Librarians Network, and the Digital Learning and Communication Network.

What can I do in Scootle Community?

  • Join or create networks with like-minded professional colleagues. Networks can be open to everyone or restricted to nominated members.
  • Post questions that other teacher librarians might be able to answer.
  • Join online discussions about relevant topics.
  • Create a professional online presence. Scootle Community is accessible to Australia's education community via Scootle's edu email authentication process, so your profile will only be viewed by your education peers.
  • Search for resources and professional development opportunities.
  • Upload or share content.
  • Post your own blog, or read others’.
  • Communicate with colleagues around Australia.

Searching for resources

The search facility in Scootle Community allows you to filter a search using a selection of criteria, including: Australian Curriculum; Scootle; Australian Professional Standards for Teachers; Open Educational Resources Commons; networks; wikis; blogs; events; discussions; and courses.

For example, a search on 'librarians' returns over 70 results. If you filter by 'blogs' your search will be refined to five entries in which teacher librarians share their experiences and resources. Alternatively, you can filter by 'Scootle' and find five digital resources relevant to your work.

If you are looking for resources for your teacher colleagues, the Scootle Community search scans thousands of records in order to provide you with a broad selection of possibilities.

Who is using Scootle Community?

Over eighteen thousand Australian teachers use Scootle Community. People log in from all parts of the country, representing Government, Catholic, and Independent school sectors. Scootle Community also hosts representatives from curriculum and teacher associations, the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL), ABC Splash, Asia Education Foundation … everyone who is active in school education.

Give it a go

So, if you want to use social media to boost your effectiveness in the library, classroom, school, and education community Scootle Community is definitely worth checking out. Visit to find out more.

Daniel Hughes

Daniel Hughes

Teaching and Learning Advisor

Education Services Australia