Website and app reviews

By Nigel Paull

Website and apps reviewed for school library staff.

51 of the most beautiful sentences in literature
From Ernest Hemingway to Leo Tolstoy, BuzzFeed has selected 51 of the most beautiful sentences in literature, according to their community. This offers an inspirational teaching tool for secondary English teachers and students, and would make a stimulating printed or multimedia display in the library.
SCIS 1716819

This multi-award winning app allows students to engage in virtual experiments. Like the chemistry sets of old, students can undertake experiments involving gases, liquids, and solids. However, unlike the chemistry sets of old, this app offers students a safe and clean alternative by using their iPads rather than a selection of real chemicals.
SCIS 1716831

Emanating from John Hopkins Centre for Talented Youth, the focus of Cogito (Latin for 'I think') is to encourage young adults to pursue their interests in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It also enables them to connect with other enthusiastic young thinkers around the world through members-only discussion forums.
SCIS no. 1375713

Cultural Infusion
Cultural Infusion is a social enterprise that aims to promote 'cultural harmony and well-being for a more cohesive and richer society'. They provide a variety of programs and services for schools and communities in all states and territories to encourage intercultural dialogue.
SCIS 1716837

Deaf Society of NSW
Information present on this comprehensive website includes Auslan resources, online safety, interpreting services, advocacy, news, employment, and family support. The content is intended for parents, community members, and senior secondary students. It is also applicable for teachers, career advisors, and school counsellors.
SCIS 1716852

A global guide to the First World War
This informative and authoritative offering from the Guardian newspaper provides a wealth of material relating to World War One. With an engaging layout and a variety of pertinent sections, this interactive documentary will encourage secondary students to view the conflict from a global perspective.
SCIS 1716872

The website of the National Youth Mental Health Foundation, headspace, provides information and contact points for young people-12-25 years old-who are experiencing mental health issues. Topics discussed include depression, anxiety, bullying, relationship problems, and self-harm. Content incorporates school support, parental information, research, news, location of headspace centres, blogs, and real life experiences.
SCIS no. 1566686

Kids alive: Do the five
Drowning is the biggest cause of accidental death in children under five in Australia. Initiated by former Olympic swim coach, Laurie Lawrence, Kids alive: Do the five aims to educate the public on the five steps to help reduce the risk of pre-school drowning. Resources include videos, articles, an early childhood program, and online interactive lessons.
SCIS 1716882

NASA Genelab
This intriguing and widely acclaimed website highlights the study of genomics and life sciences in space. NASA states 'GeneLab seeks to answer the most basic questions about life on Earth, and help keep astronauts safe as they undergo long-duration spaceflight'. It offers discoveries, events, data, and the option to subscribe to the Genelab community.
SCIS 1716958

Project Literacy
According to Project Literacy, one in ten people around the world are illiterate. Project Literacy aims to redress this imbalance by 2030, hoping to have no child born at risk of poor literacy. Their website provides details of resources, data, literacy organisations, corporate sponsors, trends in literacy, and suggestions about how individuals can become involved.
SCIS 1716968

Designed for both iPad and iPhone, this free app encourages students to tackle 240 tricky spelling words in an appealing game format set at different levels. Both the meaning of the word and the spelling are taught. Also available as an Android app.
SCIS 1716978

The story of the web
This website uses a timeline with an extensive array of diagrams, photographs, texts, and stories to succinctly explain the phenomenal rise of the internet. From its humble beginnings, through the development of search engines, e-commerce, social networking, and smartphones; students will be able to gauge the dramatic impact the internet has had on society.
SCIS 1716983

The internet sites selected in Website and app reviews are often of a professional nature and should be initially viewed by teachers and library staff to determine suitability for students. The links, content, and address of these sites are subject to change.

Nigel Paull

Nigel Paull

Teacher Librarian

South Grafton Public School